Monday, March 8, 2010

Such a busy week...

 So far march has been a wonderful month, we have been quite busy with growing, playing, Sewing, crafting, and jut trying to make the house and yard more springy!     

We learned we really love sticker books

and putting said stickers on eachothers faces 

We have had SOOOO much good family time (we even had a family date, but i'm not alloud to bring my camera on dates because Jason thinks its better for me to be more in the moment instead of worrying about capturing everything on film... i guess memories are just as good sometimes and i think its a fair request)

Jaime has been really into using "big Boy" stuff and I LOVE GNOMES!!!! so when I saw these at Joann's i had to buy them!!!

 One of Jaime's best friends Jayden came over while his parents went on a date, and we had baby ethan over while his sister annabelle was brought to the emergency room(she was fine no broken bones after all!)

Mummy has still got it!!

then we all got to play toghether!!!

           and make lovely sidewalk art!!!

I love spring its when i plant my seeds, clean up the house and yard, and start eating less of the hearty foods we eat in the winter and start eating more fresh light tasting foods(we are quite the foodies)... and not to mention shedding a few of those pounds we have been holding onto to keep warm!!!
Spring always reminds me of new beginnings shedding the old and starting again.
I'm always up for change!

Lindsey Joy

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