Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I can share... I guess

So I was saying a while back how Jason and i combined our study areas... we still arent done but its finally a bit more put together, we are definately different people when it comes to desighn.

I'm very eclectic, earthy...organized!

Its like there is a line down the middle!
Jason is very... well.... yeah
So I'm going to be moving things out, like my fabric hutch, to the living room where I will hopefully be bringing a family crafting table in soon so we can do all of our projects there instead of on my kitchen table. I hope to be bringing a bit more shelving into the study so Jake has a place for his books files and yarn, as of now its all on the desk and that doesn't work for anyone!

I have a vision and I guess that's better than nothing, if all goes well this will make our hoe SO much more functional for us as a FAMILY, not just one or two of us.

So I'm excited for the future, if you have any suggestions for the study, they are always welcome, I was thinking bringing some prints of forests and thing we both love into the space to unify the jakeness and lindseyness and make its at least coherent! 

Have a happy tuesday!

Lindsey Joy

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