Thursday, February 4, 2010

Square Eyes...

Its a bit hectic today, you know one of those days where you feel like your always saying no.

lately my son has developed a problem, he has an electronic adiction... dont believe me? yeasterday little jason had a 20 min. tantrum because i turned off the television and took away his gameboy( it was a handme down frome my brother he doesnt really know how to play it and we bought him educational games for it, but really he's 19 months he doesnt need hi tech toys just yet... unless we are on a 8hour+ trip then I give in). 

I know you are probably thinking about calling the bad parent police but it wasnt always this way in my lovely little home, it all started about 3 months ago...

Winter hasn't been good to us, usually we are outside having fun running about whenever possible and when we were stuck inside we would play with thinking and imaginitive non electronic toys, then came the viruses.  It wasn't the worst but when you and your baby both feel crummy and just want to lie there,  you turn on a movie... but then it grows!

This little problem has blossomed into a "mum c'you pesh pay" as he hands me the remote with a sweet fuzzy look in his eye... then i noticed it... were they developing four corners!?!???

So today we are going back to the way we were, no tv or electronics for more than 30 min a day... back to childhood!! i'm getting my home back a home without 20 min tantrums over turning things off!

Lindsey Joy

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